Sunday, February 05, 2006

Things to Like about San Francisco #8

I think it's eight, anyway.

In New York, an alley is a narrow street without streetlights, often, but not always, a dead end. Usually odorous and possibly inhabited by homeless people, or full of loading docks and bits of garbage. A NYC alley is unnamed.

Here in San Francisco alleys are named (like the one that ran behind our old apartment, Quane Alley, which was a mews from the days when the houses on Dolores had carriage houses and the like). And some of them (Spouse and I passed three or four today) are little more than dirt roads, at this time of year with lush green grass between the tire ruts. They generally don't go much of anywhere, but they're very inviting to stroll along. And some have perfectly splendid names, like "Penny Lane" and "Lois Lane." Someone has a sense of humor.


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