Saturday, January 21, 2006

Things to Like about San Francisco #4

Saturday mornings YG, having recovered from her broken arm, takes ice skating (she is covered with bliss: today was her first class since the break six weeks ago, and she was promoted to the next level starting next month!). The lessons are at Yerba Buena Gardens, an area that comprises the Zeum (a kids' museum), a bowling area, a nice sprawly playground, greenspace for sitting and talking (if it's not that clammy SF weather, as it was today), a carousel, and several small places to get a snack or a quick meal. Sitting inside I can watch the classes (I particularly enjoy the toddlers on skates, practicing falling down. They have so short a distance to the ground that when they topple over it's in slow motion and appears to do no harm at all) or I can lean back in the bleachers and enjoy the cityscape outside the windows. As long as I wrap up warmly, it's a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.


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