Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Midnight Choir Practice

Last night Sarcasm Girl took a friend to see the musical Wicked, her birthday present. Just before they were to leave SG got a call from a friend from her performance troupe from a few years ago, who is now living up on the California/Oregon border. Friend is in town. Friend is going to see Wicked tonight! So of course, I authorised a mass sleepover, despite the fact that SG, EG and I are driving down to Santa Cruz to spend a few days with my aunt there.

The girls had a grand time at the show, got home around midnight. I reminded them that getting up in the morning was going to be part of the equation, pointed them toward the food, and went to bed. About three thirty I swim up out of sleep and realize that there is singing going on in my house. Now, granted, all three of these girls are musical theatre geeks. Singing is a passionate activity, and their voices sound positively angelic when blended. What startled me was that, in order not to disturb Spouse, EG, or me, they had gone down to the garage and shut themselves in the car to sing there since their belting would be muffled thereby. I told them to give it half an hour, then shut it down. About fifteen minutes later Spouse went downstairs (he was worried about the neighbors, but frankly, I don't think the sound got out that far). Finally I went down at about 4:15 and pulled the plug. And went back to sleep for a brief while.

Spouse reports that at 6 am there were still stirrings upstairs. Sounds like it's going to be Morning of the Living Dead Choir around here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear, you've been spammed.

I informed Blogger, though it was difficult to find where you report Terms of Service violations. It is buried in their Help menus.

Meagan219Magdalena, you need to find another hobby.

e of the sTools

11:55 AM  
Blogger Madeleine Robins said...

Thanks, E. I went off for a few days and came home to this nonsense. Steps Will Be Taken (meanwhile, Meaganetc. is outahere).

1:31 PM  

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