Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Going Radio Silence

Off to Scotland, give or take Chicago on the way. Reports as and when. Y'all be good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For reasons imperfectly clear to me, I don't seem to be able to sign in as myself.

I am underslept, over drunk, and having a wonderful time. Have talked myself hoarse, done two panels that went well, stayed up far far too late, and enjoyed Glasgow, which is a terrific city. I have also found a temple of scotch (a store that sells a dizzying array of scotches I had never heard of, and will give you tastes)and eaten well. My reading, this morning, was attended by people who 1) were not known to me and 2) had all read the first Sarah Tolerance books and were eager to know when number three would be out. It has been a splendid con so far.


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