Sunday, May 01, 2005

This Just In...

YG has a love-hate relationship going with Little League this year. This year she's on a minor league softball team, playing with a mixed group of girls, some two years older and considerably bigger, several of them with considerably more experience than she has. Of course, when you're nine, you want to be a hero, whether or not you have developed hero chops. So there has been some despondency post-games: too much waiting to be at bat, the ball never comes to her, the coach thinks other kids are better than she is...

Well, today, she forced two outs while playing second, batted two singles and ran home on one, and was named MVP for the game. The angels rejoice.

And I have to say, given that I was the kid who was chosen last for every team and really didn't care about it, that it is damned impressive that I understand what I said in that last sentence.


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