Friday, April 22, 2005

Rock Haiku

This morning, taking YG to school, we had the radio on. Paul McCartney is going to be doing some concerts locally (well, in San Jose) and she has been agitating about getting tickets to go...second generation Beatles fan, my baby is. So this morning KFOG had a contest: write the best McCartney-inspired haiku and win front row tickets. Unfortunately, my cell phone does not seem to be able to call KFOG's 800 number, so YG's effusion did not get into the running. But here it is:

Since I love Paul McCartney
He is my idol
Please give me tickets to go.

It's better than some of the entries we heard; the winner used Beatles/Wings song titles rather nicely. But it would have been swell if I'd been able to at least throw YG's haiku in to the mix.


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