Sunday, May 01, 2005

SF Sunday

YG and her dad are off at her Little League game; Sarcasm Girl has gone off to the library (the SF Public Library is open on Sunday!) to research the Fourth Dimension for her math class. I have painted the front door (it's going to need another coat) and the windows on either side (discovering that whoever painted them last didn't have enough paint to finish the job, so that there's a ragged edge of seafoam green around the window, and no paint on hand to match the teal blue that the rest of the trim was painted). I feel so domestic. And this evening Derryl Murphy and his wife are coming over for dinner, which should be swell too.

Tomorrow my Aunt Julie is in town to celebrate Sarcasm Girl's 15th birthday. Somehow 15 seems vastly closer to adulthood than 14; she can get a learner's permit this year, and in a year she can get a job (and is already collecting brochures from local employers. Permit me to say: yikes.


Blogger claire said...

Yikes indeed! Hug the girl for me...and e-mail me what sort of shiny object the wretch might like for a BDay object...

--claire (who still thinks golden retrievers have their merits but does love the sprats we got)

12:04 PM  

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