Saturday, April 30, 2005

SF Saturday

This morning the 2nd grade at YG's school was working on a mosaic mural for the outside of the building, and all hands were welcomed, so we went down to the Mission to help out. It was enormous fun, and the finished product is going to be great (they need to give it a few days for the cement to dry before they start grouting; the "unveiling" is set for late next month. Beautiful sunny morning, with people honking and calling out compliments as they drove by.

And this afternoon the four of us went to see The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Now, I am one of those who always thought the books were trying a little too hard--of the "so funny I forgot to laugh" variety. Well, for me, at least, this is the way the material should have been presented all along; it moves so fast that you don't have to examine the slightness of the story (when I read the book I kept thinking of the time I got cornered at a convention by a nice guy who wanted to tell me--for four hours--the plot of the blockbuster space opera he was going to write any day now). And any film that has Alan Rickman in it had an edge with me--he does the voice for Marvin, the depressed robot, and he's lovely. I just liked it a lot. Now we are all home again, doing laundry. But as Saturdays in San Francisco go, this wasn't at all a bad one.


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