Thursday, September 14, 2006

Death is an Unfortunate Side Effect

It seems that a street festival in Texarkana was ruined by a rain of dead and dying pigeons. While one observer notes that the pigeons "dive bombed" the proceedings, I get the feeling they weren't attacking, merely dying. Apparently a nearby bank had hired an exterminator to take care of their pigeon problem, and the exterminator scattered poisoned corn on the roof of the bank. The company said "its goal with the treated corn was to sicken pigeons so they would leave the rooftop. Death was sometimes an unfortunate side effect." Especially if you're the pigeon.

"Hey, you know what, Jerry? I'm feeling a little sick--maybe it was that corn on the bank roof? I'm gonna knock off early and go home to the nest."

"Me too. Remind me never to order the corn there. I thought there was something wrong--got a funny taste in my mouth."


Blogger claire said...

I read that line and thought, "Just _how_ stupid are these people?"and then I thought that would make a good tee shirt...


8:49 AM  

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