Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Walking the Walk

I hate fundraising. I say this as a woman who had to write a Letter of Intent to apply for a grant in support of the dance/art program at YG's school, and as the Coordinator of Boxtops4Education program at the same school, and... Which is why the idea of raising money by putting on my sneakers and walking is so appealing.

This year the whole family is doing the AIDS Walk in July. This makes it harder--the kids, being cute and lovable in the way that I am not, really, tend to get all the family money. So that means that I have to rely on the kindness of friends... So if anyone out there has any spare change caught between the sofa cushions and wants to support me (or at least keep me from looking like a complete dope next to my kids) you can check out my AIDS Walk webpage.

Thanks. We return you to a life, already in progress. Perhaps it's yours.


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