Monday, May 30, 2005

And today, while SG did all the homework she had specifically saved up for the last minute (Sarcasm Girl has to get the sarcasm from someone in the family; might as well be me) YG and I went out for a bike ride, picnic, and catch. Packed all manner of food, plus mitts and a softball, and peddled down the street to Glen Park Canyon, which was chock full of dogs, ball-players, toddlers, hawks wheeling overhead, and citizens catching the good of a really spectacularly beautiful day. So we locked up our bicycles and helmets and hiked up to the middle of the canyon, where there's a rock outcropping where we set up our picnic (YG had brought a placemat, so we were very civilized) and had lunch. As we were finished, a long-haired Corgi named Toffy (and her owners) came by, and YG of course had to discuss dogs, specifically the merits of the Corgi and a pet. My child deeply wants a dog, and I am in favor of the notion in a general way--except that I fear it would suddenly become my dog in terms of responsibility, and her dog in terms of love and bragging rights, and somehow that sounds like a lousy distribution of effort to me. After parting from Toffy and her owners we played catch for twenty minutes or so, and I tried not to say anything improving and useful ("Mom, it's really not a great idea to lecture someone on something you're not very good at yourself"). Finally we wound up at the playground. Since I had neglected to bring a book, I was a bit bored, but I coped. So now, a little tired but cheery, we are home, where SG is still toiling in the fields of homework. Maybe I'll take a nap.


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