Thursday, May 19, 2005


The last couple of days have been rotten for writing; sick 15 year old, fundraising meetings at school, dealing with some possible repairs at my property in Massachusetts (doesn't that sound grandiose? "My property in Massachusetts." Wow. It's my father's house, but now I own it, and I have the World's Greatest Tenants living in it and taking care of us, which is a huge relief, being as we're 3000+ miles away); and trying to get the last of the summer camp paperwork under control and out the door. Sounds deeply trivial, doesn't it? It does to me, certainly. But it's all stuff that has to be done. And then, when 1:50 rolls around and I pick up YG, the =real= work of the day begins.

Yesterday, after YG had finished her guitar practice and homework, she asked to watch Pride and Prejudice. This is mostly because she is doing a "living biography" of Jane Austen tomorrow, and wanted to get in character. She's seen it before, and really likes it ("Jane Austen has the best movies!"). SG has never seen the movie, and while she's read Emma, she hasn't made it to Pride and Prejudice yet. So we're all watching, and SG starts commenting on the story: Darcy is gorgeous, but so rude! and Wickham is witty and funny and charming. This totally tickled YG, who rarely gets a chance to know something before her big sister does--particularly something about literature. It also weirded SG out that her nine-year-old sister was commenting on Colin Firth's relative hunkiness with considerable approval. Now we are Tween, and we're clever as clever...


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