Friday, May 13, 2005

First Dance

So today was the 9th-10th grade dane at Sarcasm Girl's High School; when I was in High School, there were three or four dances a year, 8-11pm, in the gym or cafeteria. My father would embarrass the hell out of me by coming in to the dance rather than waiting decently out in the car. But enough about me. Today's dance was held from 3:30-6 in the afternoon: in other words, so one could walk from class to dance. According to SG, no actual dancing occured. They did have a huge inflatable slide, and a bouncy castle (apparently left over from some festival earlier in the day) and that appears to have been hwere all the teachers and kids hung out.

Things is changed since I was young, clearly. On the other hand, SG had a good time, which is more than I can say about me and some of my school dances.


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