Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Glamorous Life

So a few weeks ago, at a local street fair, we signed Sarcasm Girl and Younger Girl up for a potential audition with what we thought was a talent agency. SG is acting mad; YG just wants her own show on The N or Disney Channel. So it seemed harmless. They called on Thursday to invite the girls to an audition. YG was otherwise engaged (she had a long-standing sleepover date) but SG was very excited. So we head out to the agency offices in San Anselmo on Saturday morning, running a little late (of course) since SG had neglected to plan for what she was going to wear. We got there, and discover that what this place is is not a talent agency per se, but a "talent development" organization. Essentially, it's a company that grooms people--from 4 to 80--to try to break into modeling, print ad work, and acting.

SG did her interview and her audition (which took all of three minutes, but I'd never seen the kid play to a camera before--other than the household videocam--and was surprised and delighted at how well she did). And today we got a call: they're delighted to accept her. In the mean time Spouse and I had discussed the whole thing and decided that this was not something we were going to throw our child (and thousands of dollars) at. To her credit, SG herself said the whole thing seemed a little bit "scammish" to her. The kid's got talent; I just think she should be working on the talent part; she can catch up on the hair styling and wardrobe selection later.

On the other hand, I had a nice drive across the Golden Gate Bridge with the girl. I really like her, and weirdly enough, she seems to like me too. Good thing.


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