Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Scary Dentist

For some reason, San Francisco TV is peppered with ads for dentists and tooth-whitening businesses. I don't remember dentists advertising this aggressively on the east coast, but I could be wrong. In any case, there's one specific dentist who advertises in San Francisco who scares me. It's not as though he appears against a background of David Cronenberg-type implements of dental torture. He's really just another in a long line of business-owners who insist upon being the spokesman for their own companies despite the fact that they can't read lines for beans. That in itself is not scary. What is? His smile. The smile itself is big and white, a good advertisement for Dr. Jang's work. What is scary about it is the way he uses it. One gets the feeling that he doesn't smile easily; the smile is jerked into being at the end of sentences or paragraphs of copy, with flipped-switch suddenness, like an exclamation mark. It's clear that Dr. Jang has been coached to look approachable and smile for emphasis. He may be a terrific dentist; his staff may be remarkable, and they may speak every language known to man (in addition to English and Chinese, they advertise that they also speak French and, I think, Japanese and Tagalog), can you trust a dentist who looks like he's about to bite your head off? Scary.


Blogger Jonquil said...

My freak is the institutionalization of female cosmetic surgery. All the women-oriented magazines focus on it. You see Botox ads couched as "Postpone your first facelift!". There's a continuing plastic-surgery column in *Allure*.


10:25 AM  
Blogger Madeleine Robins said...

I solve this problem by not reading many women-oriented magazines (which probably explains a lot about my wardrobe, too). I will say that the odd TV ad for "Botox Cosmetic" give me the willies. "It's botulism...for your face!" Eeeew.

I'm all for dentistry, having been a huge consumer of dental services. It's Dr. Jang's smile that terrifies me.

11:35 AM  
Blogger C. F. Blog said...

Living in Southern California you should see all the super-facial, huge br--- with a size two body we have around here.

My thought is this that the more they get now with messing with their face and body the worse they'll look when they are fifty… and by that time I'll be hot.

2:31 PM  
Blogger garydrew01 said...

All dentists are scary... I still remember when I undergone a dental veneer
,I hardly couldn't but I wish I could shout because of the pain..huhh

7:43 PM  

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