Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Mills of the Gods

Thirteen years ago I was working at Tor Books when I was asked to submit a story to a small-press anthology to be called Coney Island Wonder Stories. I wrote a story called "Somewhere in Dreamland," sent it in, had it accepted. A little while down the pike, the editors told us that the book would be a little delayed, but we were welcome to submit the stories to magazines and so on. So I sent the story to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, where it was bought, and in due time, published. I had somehow forgotten that the book itself had never seen the light of day...until today, when I got an email from one of the editors, apologizing for the delay and noting that the book is, at last, coming to a bookstore near you. Or at least to an online bookstore. I get my copies next week; I look forward to reading the other stories in the book.


Blogger Derryl Murphy said...

Ah, the Howe and Ordover book. Good for you.


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