Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Lifetime Goal Achieved

Yesterday school began. Both girls like their classes and seem happy to be back in harness (SG has, unfortunately, an intractable sore throat which makes her feel cruddy, but she's soldiering on). However, the first day of school was marked by a system-wide sickout by the custodial, administrative and cafeteria staff at the school. So about half a dozen parents (including me) showed up to dispense lunch and oversee recess. So I can now add "Lunch Lady" to my peculiar resume. I am already known as the BoxTops 4 Education Lady (half a dozen kids, as I was handing out milk and oranges, told me they'd been saving BoxTops all summer and did I want them right that moment?) and there was much mirth at the sight of me in this new role. Fortunately, elementary school kids are easily amused.


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