Sunday, January 30, 2005


Last night Younger Girl had her First!Ever!Slumber!Party!

Needless to say, very little slumbering occurred. In part this was functional. One demure little girl conked out relatively early...and turns out to snore like a stevedore. At about 12:30 Spouse went in to the living room (where they were piled like puppies on various mattresses and sleeping bags) and found three of the girls had disappeared into YG's room, where they were playing cards (Uno, I think, though poker would have been more picturesque). They were herded back to the living room and instructed to sleep. At 1 or so I came back in to find the four still awake could not sleep because the snoring had them giggling so hard. So Spouse and I moved the snorer into YG's room, then instructed the rest to sleep. At 1:30 I impounded a flashlight. At 2, probably with sparks shooting out of my eyes, I told them that if I heard another peep they would all be delivered to their parents, post haste.

They woke at 7:45. Ah, youth. I expect they will all be pretty crispy tonight.


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