Monday, November 07, 2005

Bits of Sun

Spent the weekend in Portland, Oregon, at Orycon, a very nice regional convention. Worked hard (two panels on Friday; a reading, three panels, and an hour and a half stint on "Who's Line is it Anyway" on Saturday; and two more panels on Sunday) and had a good time. It was raining in San Francisco when I left (waaaaaay early) on Friday morning; and there was sun in Portland when I got there. That, of course, changed within a couple of hours: rain and gray and cold set in shortly thereafter. Sunday morning there was sun; the hotel is downtown, right on the river, and the trees are turning; there were two big trees right under my window (I think they were maples, but couldn't get close enough to check the leaves) one of them still green, the other a lovely mix of green, yellow, and brilliant red. By the time I finished my last panel and started off toward the MAX light rail station to get out to the airport it was clouding over, but I was feeling pretty pleased at being able to get around a town I don't know on public transportation. Of course, light rail service was interrupted because of repairs to a bridge ("They figure it's easier to put you on a shuttle bus for a day while they fix those little cracks in the bridge than it would be to fish a whole MAX out of the river" the bus driver informed us via PA) so I got to have an adventure. And by the time I got back on the MAX to get to the airport, it had started to rain. I'm sensing a theme here.

When I got back to San Francisco, YG had a fever of 101 and SG was feeling sick too. This morning SG has gone to school, but YG, still feverish, is in bed still. I know this is not all part of a plot to make me feel guilty about going away. It just feels that way.


Blogger C. F. Blog said...

You hang around too much with Ms. Guilt. Must tell Ms. Guilt that your not in or unable to come to the phone.

Or maybe it's MOM thing, tell me when you were not attached to YG and SG did you still hang around Ms. Guilt?

10:31 AM  
Blogger Madeleine Robins said...

I didn't major in guilt, but I'm awfully good at it.

1:10 PM  

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